IIS 6.0 – Preparing for Disasters & Backups for you configuration and content

I recently was asked for a couple of my old IIS presentations that seemed to have been lost on TechNet & IIS.NET.  Due to this, I’ve still got a lot of this content so I thought that I would start sharing it via this blog.  Where appropriate, I will share with you details on this blog to supplement information I did back in my IIS days.  The question that came in was the following -

Hi Chris,
Can I please get the webcast slides and webcast video download links for following webcast that I attended today?

A few years back, I wrote an article talking about Disaster Recovery for TechNet magazine and also did a TechNet webcast on the same topic.  This was a pretty popular webcast and one that focused on the following topics:

Part I:

    • What constitutes a disaster?
    • Data points to consider if a disaster occurs?

Part II:

    • Effectively backing up the Windows OS
    • Backing up IIS 6.0 with native IIS 6.0 tools
    • Using xCopy & other tools to backup Web content

The slide deck for this presentation can be found here if you are only interested in the PowerPoint presentation.   To help others, I’m also including a video of the presentation for you to view here on the blog.  To download the video, please use the URL below the video.

Download Presentation Video

For scripts used in this presentation, please see the following -

Backup IIS Configuration

 iisback /backup /b MyMetaBackup /e BackupPass /overwrite

Backup IIS 6.0 Content & Configuration

 REM Backup to Remote Share (WebBackup.bat)
 REM =============================================
 REM Connect to Remote Backup Server
 net use s: \\[server ip address\name]\WebBackups
 REM Get SSL Certificate
 cd \
 cd %programfiles%\"iis resources"\iiscertdeploy
 iiscertdeploy -e [pathtostorefile]\mySSLCert.pfx -p 1 -i w3svc/[SitePath] -q on
 cd \
 REM Backup IIS Metadata
 iisback /backup /b MyMetaBackup /e BackupPass /overwrite
 xcopy %windir%\system32\inetsrv\metaback\MyMeta*.* c:\WebBackups\metadata /y
 REM Copy Content & Export App...
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c c:\webbackups\metadata\*.* s:\Metabase\
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c c:\webbackups\ContentAppDir\*.* s:\Content\
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c c:\webbackups\Certs\*.* s:\Certs\
 REM Delete connection to Remote Backup Server
 net use s: /delete /y

Restore Web

 REM Restore from Remote Share (Recovery.bat)
 REM =============================================
 REM Connect to Remote Deployment Server
 net use s: \\[server ip address\name]\WebBackups
 REM Restore Web site
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c s:\metabase\*.* %windir%\system32\inetsrv\metaback
 iisback /restore /b [BackupName] /e [BackupPass]
 REM Restore Content
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c s:\Content\*.* [SiteWebRoot] (i.e. c:\inetpub\wwwroot)
 REM Restore SSL Certificates
 REM Either add to server path or go directly to path for IIsCertDeploy.vbs
 cd \
 cd %programfiles%\"iis resources"\iiscertdeploy
 xcopy /o /x /e /h /y /c s:\certs\ c:\webbackups\certs\
 iiscertdeploy.vbs -c c:\webbackups\[pfxfilenamecreatedduringexport].pfx 
     -i w3svc/[SitePath] -p 1 -q on
 REM Delete Connection to Remote Backup Server
 net use s: /delete /y


Over the coming weeks I will start sharing some details that folks have emailed me asking about and this kick-offs a series of blog posts… a blast from the past.  Enjoy!


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