Search Commands for Office 2010: It's here!

I know there are a lot of fans of our Search Commands 2007 prototype from Office Labs out there, and many of you have written to ask us to update it to work on Office 2010. Well, thanks to some volunteer work and a little burning of the midnight oil from a few Labsters, we now have the requested update.

Search Commands is used by many people to find that one command that you know exists but can't find. It's used by others to discover what capabilities exist - for example you might search on "math" in Word and be surprised to see the deep support for equation editing that Word 2010 supports natively. Still other people prefer to navigate the Office applications using search for anything other than the most basic commands. Use Win-Y to get the search box, type a few letters, then use the number key to jump directly to the command you want. It's a different experience than clicking with the mouse or remembering a lot of shortcuts, but quite a few people seem to like it.

BTW, it's this variety of usage that interests us in Labs - we release our prototypes to see how people like to work when given alternatives. So give Search Commands 2010 a try and leave feedback on the site for the people who worked on it...