Part 11 - Migration and Deployment: Windows Azure as a PaaS….Now Live….

Windows Azure. When most people hear this, they think of it as a platform for running web based and mobile applications. Up until now that has pretty much been the case. However, if you have not check out Windows Azure recently, then you have not seen some of the new additions like -

The ability to create virtual machines in Windows Azure. You can even create VM’s and import them into Azure!

Powerful virtual networking features. This enables you to connect virtual machines with Azure as well as connect your on premise infrastructure to the VM’s you have running in the Azure cloud.

Active Directory Access Controls – Provides an easy way to enable secure single sign-on and identity management to applications and services, while integrating with standards-based identity providers, including enterprise directories such as Active Directory, and web identities such as Windows Live ID, Google, Yahoo! And Facebook.





Harold Wong has written up a blog post as a part of our February Series going into more details about some of these new features as well as well as some other items. You can find his blog post here -


Migration and Deployment: Windows Azure as a PaaS