Part 9 - Windows Server 2012 SMB 3.0 Deployment Considerations….Now Live….

With Windows Server 2012, we introduced and update to the Server message Block protocol. In Server 2012 we are now up to SMB 3.0 and with that comes a number of features that enhance networking. One very exciting optimization is that now we can use the new SMB share features in the File Services Role to create an SMB share and place Hyper-V files in the share for use in production. In short, this allows us to use inexpensive JBOD discs attached to a Windows Server as shared storage and run our Hyper-V based virtual machines from that share. This can significantly reduce cost as well as speed up deployment of Hyper-V servers. This also provides for a fast way to get development and test environments online without waiting for the storage admins to configure arrays and LUNs.



My fellow IT Evangelsit, Bob Hunt has a blog pist up now as a part of ourFebruary Series on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Upgrade and Migration. In his post he goes into more detail about SMB Shares as well as other deployment considerations when leveraging the new SMB Feature updates.

You can checkout out his blog post here -

Windows Server 2012 SMB 3.0 Deployment Considerations (Part 9 of 19)