Begin Again

Wow! So much for a consistent blog. I haven't posted anything since I started this thing last year.

No time like the present...

I have a new position: as a Professional Field Engineer (PFE), working for the Microsoft Americas Solutions Team. Basically, this means I'll be working support for installed solutions that (generally) included multiple individual MS skus combined to create a custom solution. For instance, one customer with whome I'm about to start working is developing a solution that combines SharePoint 2010, Virtual Earth, Silverlight, and some custom .NET code to tie them all together. Should be fun!

The downside is that I won't be developing the solutions--like I was as a Consultant. The upside is NO MORE TRAVEL! I'm way stoked about that part: too many hours spent away from home just isn't conducive to family life.

In any case, I will endevour to begin again by contributing to this blog in earnest. As before, my intent will be to capture and catalog useful bits I find to solve IT-related problems I encounter. If someone else reads them and finds them useful, wonderful; if not, I have a convenient place to compile useful information and solutions to problems I'm sure I'll face again.

Either way, I win.