Active Directory/AD Resource Synch Utility on CodePlex

Another great tool from Mike Shughrue has been published on CodePlex:

From the documentation contained in the utility (zip file):

The out of the box active directory sync for Project Server 2007 only moves a fixed set of fields from AD to Project Server. In some cases, additional AD fields need to be mapped to resource custom fields. The ResourceSync service can be run after the out of the box AD sync to move the additional AD fields.

Source Code
The source code is contained in a solution called ResourceSync in these 5 projects:

  1. ADReader – class library that abstracts reading values from active directory.
  2. PSReader – class library that abstracts reading and writing values to and from resource custom fields in Project Server2007.
  3. ResourceSync – An NT service that performs the syncing once a day.
  4. TestApp – A WinForms application that implements the same functionality as ResourceSync but is intended to help debug problems.
  5. Setup – Builds an .msi installer package that installs the ResourceSync service with the desired user account.