ANNOUNCING Project 2010 Ignite Video Interviews - I'm 2010 Ready, Are you?

Following the Microsoft Project 2010 Ignite Worldwide tour, we did a series of interviews from attendees (customers, partners, MVPs and Microsoft employees) in France, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.

Please find below links to about 100 interviews (3min each on average) from attendees and their thoughts about 2010, in multiple languages. It’s great to see the excitement around Project 2010 across the globe!

There is one last delivery of Project 2010 Ignite next week in Seattle if you are interested, agenda and registration.

As a reminder we have a dedicated video channel for Project with over 350 videos since Project Conference 2009:

Ignite specific videos:

Happy viewing on your PC/Phone/Web!


Ignite Brazil - Alexsandro Túlio de Carvalho Ignite Brazil - Wagner Ferreira Ignite Singapore - Chim Hock See Ignite Singapore - Upendra Giri Day 3
Ignite Brazil - André da Cunha Peixoto Xavier Ignite Brazil - Walter Ramos da Silva Junior Ignite Singapore - Christophe Fiessinger Ignite Singapore - Vik Subramaniam
Ignite Brazil - Carlos Sérgio Mota Silva Ignite Brazil - Wanderson Pin Ignite Singapore - Daniel Queva Ignite Singapore - Vik Subramaniam Day 3
Ignite Brazil - Christophe Fiessinger - Microsoft Ignite France - Béatrice Tissot Ignite Singapore - Daniel Queva Day 3 Ignite Singapore - Woon Woon Gan
Ignite Brazil - Doug McCutcheon - Microsoft Ignite France - Christine Stone Ignite Singapore - Gangesh Pednekar Ignite Singapore - Woong Chan Nam
Ignite Brazil - Édwin Floriani Ignite France - Christophe Fiessinger Ignite Singapore - James Price Ignite Singapore - Woong Chan Nam Day 3
Ignite Brazil - Flavio Nunes Ignite France - Doug McCutcheon Ignite Singapore - Jan Kalis Ignite Sydney - Alex Burton
Ignite Brazil - Flipe Ferreira Ignite France - Elena Gerdjikova Ignite Singapore - Jay Mancuso Ignite Sydney - Andre Hebst
Ignite Brazil - Giuliano Luis de Lima Pasquale Ignite France - Ian White Ignite Singapore - Jay Mancuso Day 2 Ignite Sydney - Andy Jessu
Ignite Brazil - Ivo Correia Ignite France - Jan Kalis Ignite Singapore - Madishetty Satish Kumar Ignite Sydney - Angus Saunders
Ignite Brazil - Jan Kalis - Microsoft Ignite France - Jean Donati Ignite Singapore - Madishetty Satish Kumar Day 2 Ignite Sydney - Brad Purdy
Ignite Brazil - Jose Roberto Lima Ignite France - Jerome Charlon Ignite Singapore - Mark Tappin Ignite Sydney - Darren Deason
Ignite Brazil - Julio Pontilho Ignite France - Jon Sommervold Ignite Singapore - Mendi Susanto Day 3 Ignite Sydney - David Wells
Ignite Brazil - Leonardo Feitosa Nogueira Ignite France - Julie Ripoteau Ignite Singapore - Mendi Susanto Day 3 - Indonesian Ignite Sydney - Janey Treleaven
Ignite Brazil - Luis E. Navarro Ignite France - Lawrie Siteman Ignite Singapore - Mohamed Khalifa Ignite Sydney - John Commit
Ignite Brazil - Marcelo Hideaki Azuma Ignite France - Paris Doc Final Ignite Singapore - Mohamed Khalifa Day 2 Ignite Sydney - John Katsiris
Ignite Brazil - Marco Antonio Iunes de Oliveira Ignite France - Shanshan Ding Ignite Singapore - Mohamed Khalifa Day 3 Ignite Sydney - Mark Soester
Ignite Brazil - Natalia Carvalho Ignite France - Sophie Tardif d'Hamonville Ignite Singapore - Montage Ignite Sydney - Melissa Carroll
Ignite Brazil - Project 2010 Hype Ignite France - Stephen Arbuthnot Ignite Singapore - Muthu Krishnan Ignite Sydney - Montage 2-22-10
Ignite Brazil - Rafael Arcângelo Gonçalves de Carvalho Ignite France - Steven Haden Ignite Singapore - Muthu Krishnan Day 2 Ignite Sydney - Peter Douglas
Ignite Brazil - Reinaldo Dos Santos Barros Ignite France - Tore Lie Ignite Singapore - Muthu Krishnan Day 3 Ignite Sydney - Richard Greenall
Ignite Brazil - Ricardo T. Segowa Ignite France - Vincent Capitaine Ignite Singapore - Siva Sivapragesam Ignite Sydney - Stuart Penny
Ignite Brazil - Rodrigo Domingues Ignite France - Xavier Leynaud Ignite Singapore - Upendra Giri Ignite Sydney - Uttkarsh Kalia
Ignite Brazil - Vinícius Fortes Ignite Singapore - Ajit Kumar Mishra Ignite Singapore - Upendra Giri Day 2