Announcing the CodePlex release of ShUIE (SharePoint User Interface Extender)

David Kitchen, Louise Brigthon and Calvin So from PCubed have recently released the following CodePlex project: ShUIE (SharePoint User Interface Extender):

ShUIE is an addition to Microsoft SharePoint that allows a developer to inject JavaScript and CSS fragments depending on the context of the page being displayed. JavaScript and CSS injected can be optionally minified, and jQuery is included to increase functionality.

An easy way to ‘pimp’ (to decorate) your Project Web Access User Interface, for instance (after spending 5 minutes to set it up and storing ShUIE configuration in my favorite the Reporting Database of my favorite PWA instance) I got this using jqDock sample:

jqDockCheck this live demo from Jan Tielens.I get the navigation on the root PWA site and all project workspaces. image 

URLS were broken but the concept sounds interesting.

Another fun project worth investigating for the end-of-year holidays (consider the security and scalability for instance of ShUIE)!