Announcing the release of the August Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2007

The Microsoft Office team has changed the way that it delivers hotfixes for reported problemsby moving away from the current priority-driven hot fix release model to a scheduled delivery model. This change comes in the form of cumulative updates and critical on-demand (COD) hotfixes. The objective is to deliver high-quality fixes in an acceptable time and on a predictable schedule-every two months so its creates more predictability for customers.

Customers who need an emergency fix can request a shorter turnaround time for a COD hotfix.

Please refer to the following knowledge based article for more information:

The August Cumulative Update (CU) for Project 2007 and Project Server 2007 (as well as the rest of the Office suite) is the first CU release. Releases will now happen very two months so the next ones are scheduled for October 08, December 08, etc…

Install or not to Install?

Our general guideline for applying hotfixis:

  • Each hotfix package is intended to correct only the applications that are listed in the knowledge base article.
  • Apply the packages only to systems that are experiencing these specific problems.
  • If you are experiencing any of the two known issues described in KB 953750 (Infrastructure Update).
  • If you are not severely affected by any of these problems, we recommend that you wait for the next 2007 Office suites service pack that contains the hotfixes in these cumulative update packages.
  • If additional issues occur or any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request.
  • The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for a specific cumulative update package. To create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


Installation Order

Assuming you are running the released version of Project Server 2007, here is a high level procedure, please refer to the TechNet articles for detailed deployment steps:


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1. Deploy Service Pack 1

Announcing the release of EPM 2007 Service Pack 1 (includes links to KB, downloads and deployment documentation)

Deploy Service Pack 1 for Office Project Server 2007

2. Deploy the Infrastructure Update (IU). We recommend deploying the IU first because you will get all the latest updates for WSS and SharePoint Server.

Announcing the availability of the Project and Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update

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3. Deploy the August Cumulative Update. Since the August CU are individually package (one EXE for Project Server and another one for SharePoint Server for instance), then you will have to deploy each one depending on the hotfix required.

4. Run hotfix EXE

5. Run PSCONFIG on each server within your farm to finalize the update

6. Verify Installation by verifying the versionof each of the four PS database using the following command:


Result should be: 12.0.6327.5000

See links below for KB and download location.

Ideally Project Professional 2007 and Project Server 2007  should be on the same version but it is not a requirement:

  • Project + IU with Project Server + IU + August CU
  • Project + IU + August CU with Project Server + IU


Knowledge Base Articles and Downloads




Download URL

Cumulative update packages for August 2008 for the 2007 Microsoft Office core suite applications and 2007 Microsoft Office servers



Description of the Project 2007 hotfix package: August 26, 2008


Description of the Project Server 2007 hotfix package: August 26, 2008


Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package: August 26, 2008


Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package: August 26, 2008

956056 (not published yet)