CIOs and Enterprise Social Networking recent articles #esn #socbiz

Following recent discussions with CIOs in different geographies and industries, there is a lot of interest around enterprise social networking (ESN) and hence I’ve compiled below a few articles and key quotes I’ve read recently on successful ESN adoptions and journeys from customers. Another great read are both the Yammer’s 2013 Business Value Survey Results Are In! and this latest McKinsey research: Evolution of the networked enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey results.

“Technically, Yammer was a gift for IT – it is, dare I say the word, a cloud based solution meaning it was ‘instant on’.”

“Social networking on the enterprise may be in its infancy and considered an optional extra, however, the increasing demographic within large multi-site and international businesses brings about a compelling need for co-operation and collaboration that cannot be ignored.”

“Our job is to turn the lights on for new business benefits and possibilities. We can’t live in a technical engineering box where all we’re doing is turning on tools. IT executives have to put business needs in front of their own desires and express everything they do in terms of business value and outcomes”

“once Yammer was identified as a key tool within the bank its technology security team conducted a full review, and subsequently adopted an enterprise licence.”

“Because they are so flexible and can be used in so many different ways they have to be adopted from the ground up and be made sense of by the people on the ground”