Configuring Project Server 2007 using the command line: STSADM

Please find below a sample script to setup Project Server 2007 using the command line (without using the WSS Central Admin pages):

To run the script below, change its extension to Stsadm_To_Configure_EPM2007.BAT and run it on the server where you are planning to configure Project Server (it assumes you have already installed the binaries, the WSS Farm has been configured and the Project Server service has been started).

The script will do the following:

    1. Create Shared Service Provider (SSP) Site
    2. Create Project Web Access (PWA) Site
    3. Create SSP for Project Server Interface (PSI)
    4. Create PWA Instance

To get help of STSADM command line arguments type the following:

stsadm –help actionname or stsadm –help projcreatepwainstance