Custom Project Initiation Solution Starter on CodePlex

A new solution starter that demonstrates how to leverage InfoPath & Forms Services as well Windows Workflow Foundation (hosted by SharePoint) to create your own project initiation phase has been released on CodePlex.

The project initiation phase is different for every customers and organizations. It typically requires a set of custom attribute to be filled in a web based custom form; and then it needs to go through a custom approval process workflow reviewed by all key decision makers. InfoPath Forms services combined with a SharePoint’s sequential workflow enables you to achieve this business need. This solution starter also demonstrates the added value of deploying Project Server 2007 in a SharePoint Server farm (using InfoPath Forms Services).

The goal of this solution starter is thus to provide the following two code samples:

  • InfoPath Form with managed code that issues Project Server Interface calls to populate and submit form data
  • SharePoint sequential workflow that leverages the form created earlier to create a custom workflow

This solution starter requires Project Server 2007, InfoPath and Forms Services 2007, and Visual Studio 2008.

Step 1 – Fill out and submit Project Initiation Form Step 2 – Approve data submitted in Step 1 and create Project in PS 2007 Resulting data in Project Server 2007
clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003

This solution starter was created for a presentation I delivered at the 2008 Office Developer Conference.