Fields required to run Project List and Project Detail Reports

I posted this set of sample SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports almost a year ago: New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server, and due to popular demand finally documented the required custom fields and lookup tables to run the following two reports:

  • Project List
  • Project Detail

If you are looking for a sample database with the required fields, check this: Project Server 2007 Sample Databases

So basically you’ll have to add the listed lookup tables and custom fields first (see the Excel attachment at the bottom of this post), then update the metadata for projects and the reports will run. As mentioned in this post: How to deploy the Timesheet Compliance Report

In the end the best way to troubleshoot a SSRS report is to run the queries directly in SQL using the query editor. Until you get the results expected in the query window no need to work in SSRS!

As usual with MSDN blog postings the code is supplied “AS-IS”, with no warranties or support and could probably be improved to optimize performance.