Getting Started with Project Server 2007 - TechNet Magazine January 2009

Check out the following article from TechNet Magazine (January 2009 edition) from Alan Maddison from Strategic Business Systems:  Getting Started with Project Server 2007 This article is targeted at IT Professionals:

At a Glance:

  • Four general areas of enhancement
  • Multitier architecture aids scalability and flexibility
  • Prerequisites for installation
  • Installing and configuring


As IT administrators, most of us will have used Microsoft Office Project (Standard or Professional) to help streamline and organize at least some of our many projects. However, not many of us have implemented Project Server, due to a lack of familiarity, expertise, or simply the time to tackle one more complex installation and configuration. With Office Project Server 2007, Microsoft has made significant enhancements not only to the features and functionality available for users but also to those that interest administrators.


Last Words

Project Server 2007 is clearly the most significant release of this product in a long time. Microsoft has invested a lot of time and energy into making Project Server 2007 a marked improvement over earlier versions and if you have not taken a look at it recently, then it is time you did.

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