How to Create a New Project Server 2010 Site Template

Hello for those of you that have downloaded and installed Project Server 2010 Public Beta (Announcing Microsoft Project 2010, Project Server 2010 Public Beta Availability), please find below the step by step on how to create a custom project workspace site template that could be associated with a Project Type during project initiation:

  1. Create New Site (Site Actions | New Site | Select Microsoft Project Workspace type)
  2. Customize look and feel of new site, go to Edit Page (check out the new Theme feature of SharePoint for instance), you can also add specific documents associated with the template (Cost Forecast Excel workbook for instance)
  3. Once happy with custom look and feel: Go to Site Actions | Site Settings | Site Actions | Save Site as Template
  4. Go to Site Settings | Galleries | Solutions, select Solution and Activate (ribbon button)
  5. Leverage newly created template in your Enterprise Project Types (EPTs)
    • Project Web Access | Server Settings | Workflow and Project Detail Pages | Enterprise Project Types (newly created template should now appear in the dropdown list under Project Site Template)

And voila! It’s that easy in 2010!