How to display Project information on a project site?

Saw this recent question on our public forum: how can I display project information on my project site (around referred to as the project workspace)?

In Project Server 2010 it’s actually very easy thanks to a very useful web part that is part of the Microsoft Project 2010 Solution Starters on MSDN Code Gallery (; yes there are plenty of others useful solutions as well so I highly encourage you to check out these free of charge solutions (and yes we also provide source code if you want to further customize them).

Basically deploy the Workspace Project Custom Field Web Part (folder:WorkspaceProjectCFWP), add the web part to your custom project site template (Site Actions | Edit Page| Insert Web Part | Custom | Project Custom Fields Web Part):

Microsoft Project 2010

Edit Web Part and pick and choose which fields you want to add (contains all standard project fields and all enterprise project custom fields):

Microsoft Project 2010

and voila!

Microsoft Project 2010

As a reminder on what you can do and can’t do with the out of the box Project Web App (PWA) web parts check this post from yesterday: Adding Project Server 2010 web parts to SharePoint sites