How to verify versions number after applying Service Pack 1 (SP1)?

A common question asked after successfully installing SP1 is how do you verify the version numbers of the components updated.

To verify individual Project Server 2007 DLL (and Office Servers)  please refer to this knowledge base article:

Overall after you applied SP1 versions are either: 12.0.6211.1000 and  12.0.6218.1000 for Project Server.

Component Version Sample
Project Professional 12.0.6211.1000 MWSnap001 2007-12-19, 10_12_26
SharePoint Central Administration -> Operations -> Servers MWSnap002 2007-12-19, 10_13_10
ReadServerVersion PSI method using ProjTool from the SDK 12.0.6218.1000 MWSnap004 2007-12-19, 13_22_25
T-SQL query in the Published database:SELECT WADMIN_VERSION_BUILDFROM MSP_WEB_ADMIN 62181000 MWSnap005 2007-12-19, 13_24_52

For more information of Service Pack 1 for Project Server 2007 read this.

Thank you to Jim Corbin for helping out put this together.