Just Released: patterns & practices Developing SharePoint Applications

Great news for all developers, check this out:

SharePoint provides a comprehensive platform for application development combined with extensible customer ready applications. However, using the full breadth of these capabilities takes experience and know how. patterns & practices Developing SharePoint Applications guidance helps customers accelerate constructing advanced applications through examples and documentation. The guidance compliments product documentation and helps architects and developers in the following areas:

  • Use SharePoint capabilities to make more powerful applications
    • Integrate information from Line of Business Systems
    • Take advantage of publishing and content oriented capabilities
    • Create collaborative interactions around business processes
    • Design multi-site topologies with complex security and isolation needs, such as a partner extranet
  • Build applications that are easier to scale, maintain, and grow
    • Improve maintainability, testability, and layering through patterns
    • Use techniques to improve flexibility, diagnostics, operations and performance
    • Show how to use SharePoint’s feature and solution framework
  • Improve application quality through testing
    • Demonstrates unit testing and integration testing SharePoint applications
    • Describe experiences with acceptance testing SharePoint applications including stress and scale testing
  • Improve and accelerate team productivity
    • Accelerate adoption of recommended practices with library components
    • Show how to build an effective team development environment
    • Understand fundamental design and implementation decisions