New Excel Services Sample Reports for Project Server

Following this post (New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server), please find below the list of Excel Services (samples attached) reports included in the newly released demo VPC.

If you want to learn more about Excel Services (requires SharePoint Server) two new great books have been published on the subject:

Business Alignment Analysis 211 2008-04-13, 08_38_51 Governance Phase Analysis 212 2008-04-13, 08_41_50
Investment Analysis 214 2008-04-13, 08_43_18 Resource Capacity 215 2008-04-13, 08_45_27
Resource Capacity By Role  216 2008-04-13, 08_46_50 Project Work Heat Map By Role  217 2008-04-13, 08_51_18

EPM2007 VPC v2- Excel