SharePoint Developers Webcast

Due to the fact that Project Server 2007 is built on top of Windows SharePoint Services V3, a lot of customizations and development around the solution leverage SharePoint. This series of webcast is thus a great opportunity to learn about performing SharePoint customizations:

In this 10 part series, you will receive practical technical information from Robert Bogue and Andrew Connell , both SharePoint MVPs, covering 10 fundamental developer topics on SharePoint via Live Meeting webcast.

About the series:

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday from May 20 to June 18
  • Starts at 9:00AM PST
  • Each session is 60 minutes long
  • Level 200 with intro, demo, and coding
Date Webcast Topic Registration Link Overview
May 20 Web Parts Register today! Learn how to build simple Web parts for SharePoint Server and how to connect them back to SharePoint site data.
May 21 Data Lists Register today! Data lists provide data storage for users in SharePoint Server. Users can create lists with schema all through the SharePoint Server UI and they can create, edit, and view the data. All of this data can be programmatically accessed by developers and this webcast is all about that.
May 27 Silverlight and SharePoint Register today! Microsoft Silverlight is a new Web UI technology that allows for each implementation of animations and video. In this webcast, we show how a SharePoint Server UI interface can be enhanced by using Silverlight in Web parts as part of a SharePoint site.
May 28 Using Event Handlers Register today! Event handlers (or event receivers) are custom code that run on the SharePoint Server in response to something that happens on the server. Event handlers can be useful for running business logic in response to data being added to the site. In this webcast, we show how to create simple event handlers and investigate ways that you can use event handlers in SharePoint Server.
Jun 3 Page Branding Register today!

Web applications need design and SharePoint Server makes this possible with master pages, cascading style sheets, and themes. In this webcast, we explore how to apply these artifacts to a SharePoint site and describe the process for modifying those artifacts to achieve a Web site design in SharePoint Server .

Jun 4 Workflow Register today! Workflows in SharePoint Server make it possible to implement processes that require interaction, such as e-mail approval or form completion, by people in your organization. In this webcast, we show you how to create simple workflows in SharePoint Server using the Microsoft Visual Studio development system that involve approvals from people by e-mail and for meeting room resource bookings with an administrator.
Jun 10 Web Services Register today! SharePoint Server makes it possible to access code running on the SharePoint Server computer and also to access using Web services. In this webcast, we cover some of the simple Web services provided by SharePoint Server and show how to create a new Web service on a computer running SharePoint Server.
Jun 11 Page Navigation Register today! In this session, we look at how SharePoint Server pages are arranged into Web sites. We explain menus, such as the site actions menu, the top navigation bar menu, and the edit control block menu. We also discuss how to update the menus in SharePoint Server so that you can customize a Web site built on SharePoint Server.
Jun 17 User Management Register today! SharePoint Server makes it possible for users to create Web sites; when a user creates a site, he or she can also manage the user permissions on that site. In this webcast, we show how some aspects of user management are handled in SharePoint Server, including how you can audit activities that users do and show different data depending on the user's role.
Jun 18 Custom Content Types Register today! Content types define what documents or other content types are used in SharePoint document libraries. Content types can have several SharePoint Server aspects associated with them, including custom menus and custom processing. In this webcast, we show how to create a custom content type and explain how to associate an event handler with the new content type to do data validation.