Volume Activation for Microsoft Project Professional 2010

Hello in case you did not know Office 2010 and hence Microsoft Project 2010 is using a new activation method in the next “2010” release due out next year. As mentioned on TechNet Volume Activation site for Office 2010:

Microsoft Office 2010 uses the same volume activation technology as Windows 7 and Windows Vista. If you have already set up a Key Management Service (KMS) host to activate Windows, you can use the same host to activate Office 2010 after a few steps.  

Start ramping up on MAK and KMS (both acronyms are documented on the site above :)) to plan future deployment of 2010.

If you are having issues activating Project Professional 2010 Public Beta also check the documented workaround on the Project 2010 Forums, see this workaround documented by Vladimir for instance for this error: 0x8007232B