Why consider InfoPath in a Project Server Deployment?

The Project Initiation phase is different for every customers and organizations. It typically requires a set of custom attribute to be filled in a custom form and then it needs to go through a custom approval process workflow reviewed by all key decision makers.  While preparing for a  session I will deliver on this topic at the next Office Developer Conference I wanted to give you a preview on how to create a custom Project Initiation Form using InfoPath.

This picture shows an InfoPath form that uses the Project Server Interface to populate required attribute to create a project, please note that since this form got deployed to Forms Services it's web based and thus does not require InfoPath to be deployed on the users' desktop in order to use it:

MWSnap067 2008-01-22, 23_54_46

This following picture shows the properties of PRJZ01 after it got created and published using the above InfoPath form:

MWSnap068 2008-01-23, 00_01_06

Expect more to come on this subject in the near future.