Why consider SQL Server 2008 for your EPM farm?

In case you have not heard, we’ll be launching a new version of SQL Server in 2008 (in the second half of this year)!

Why consider SQL Server 2008 with Project Server or Portfolio Server 2007?

Joel Oleson wrote the following post recently on that subject: Top 10 SQL 2008 Features for SharePoint IT Pros

The new version of Reporting Services will be a major benefit for PS and PPS, it will enable much nicer reports and ease of use.

They are multiple resources to learn more about this upcoming release:

Last but not least, SQL 2008 will be supported once it’s released not before.

Finally I like the robot of the “The Server Unleashed” campaign, under Toy Box there some cool Walpaper/Screen Savers/Buddy Icons (click on the image for the SilverLight link):

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