MBF Changes: It's all about Microsoft Dynamics

A couple of people saw the recent news about the Microsoft Business Framework (MBF) and emailed me to check how it affected the team and how it affected me.

The news about the team has been mostly covered in the couple of press articles on Microsoft Watch and InfoWorld... a few people went to other Developer Division teams, we moved to Business Solutions, and we'll likely grow again very shortly.

I'm still working on the team that was building MBF, although we are being renamed (name TBD), have dropped the separate release vehicle idea and are now solely focused on providing tools and a foundation for Microsoft Dynamics including the converged product line in wave 2 and onwards (formerly Project Green). It's the same team, but significantly different :). Our initial release date to internal customers is currently slated for mid-late next year.

Going forward, I will be the Program Manager for the Business Logic team. My team is currently tasked with delivering a managed programming model for business logic, including support for extensibility.

I'm sure there will be more information coming out shortly about the Dynamics wave 2 products and I'll post links to it where possible.

Overall I'm really happy about this change because we drop our WinFS dependency (at least for now), gain a clearer focus due to the reduced scope, receive an initial release date that is within the next year, and reaffirm ourselves as a key part of the Dynamics story.

One of my collegues, Dave Froslie, has also posted his thoughts on the change.

Trust me, it's full steam ahead here... :)