BCS - developing a .NET assembly connector presentation and demo

I'm attaching a presentation and code for developing an assembly connector for SharePoint 2010 BCS.  I plan to do a series of blogs about different elements of the solution, but wanted to get this posted for those that attended my talk.  It illustrates a connector that supports streaming, configuration, and secure store.  Unfortunately the code won't actually work without setting up some additional sharepoint sites and a web service.  I've included the code for the web service, but the SharePoint site i just setup manually.  The following are included in the attached zip:

Code Camp - BCS.ppt - The presentation

AssemblyConnectorDemo.completed.zip - the connector implementation

Customer Service and Sales Site.zip - a wsp containing the SharePoint site that is being accessed through the connector, and a zip of the solution implementing the service being accessed by the connector in the demo.


Code Camp Presentation and Demo.zip