SharePoint Guidance Library Hands On Labs Released to Codeplex

The SharePoint Guidance library introduces several components that can be challenging to ramp up on if you aren't familar with some SharePoint and design concepts like dependency injection. A great set of HOL's have been released as a step by step walk through using different components of the SharePoint Guidance Library.

SharePoint Guidance 2010 Hands On Lab has just been released to CodePlex. It consists of six labs: one for logging, one for service location, and four for application setting manager. Each lab takes about 20 minutes to walk through. Interested people please try one of those labs to give me feedback. Each lab consists of a PDF document. You can go through the steps in the doc to create solution and then build/deploy the solution and run the lab. For those of you who wants to save time, we included the final solution so you can just build/deploy the solution and run the lab.

For the next a few weeks, we are going to add two more labs: Logging for sandbox and installation-uninstallation of Service Locator in a Farm environment. That should cover all the basic scenarios for the SPG2010 reusables