Better Together: Brown Sauce & Peas

Now I know what you're thinking... How on earth is it possible to relate Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system to brown sauce and peas? I urge you dear reader to bear with me on this one...

I was out for dinner (again) recently with a couple of my team mates, James Senior and Matt McSpirit.  Being a northern lad, I opted to bypass any of the fancy stuff and take these dudes for a pie and a pint at Sweeny's, Reading, UK (if you've not been there, they do the best pies I've found in the south of England!)

A short while later when two plates of pie and peas and a plate of pie and potatoes arrived, the conversation turned to the obvious missing ingredient, brown sauce!

There are various benefits to having brown sauce with peas:

  • Brown sauce stops peas falling off a fork
  • Brown sauce and peas are high in vitamins and minerals 
  • Brown sauce and peas taste nice
  • Brown sauce keeps peas in one place on a plate

In a similar vain, there are various benefits to running both Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System:

  • Windows BitLocker™ Drive Encryption can help protect user and system data from being compromised when a computer is lost or stolen. In addition, it’s possible to restrict the use of USB keys and removable storage devices which can help prevent valuable organisational intellectual property and documents from leaving through unauthorised means.
  • The Microsoft Office system can enable people to author documents, worksheets, or presentations then share them, apply workflow to them, and even route approvals. Security, retention, and compliance policies can also be applied to content from within the Microsoft Office system.
  • According to IDC research, companies may spend up to $18,000 per knowledge worker each year in lost productivity when users can’t find the documents they need to do their work. To help find information and improve business insight, Windows Vista, and the 2007 Microsoft Office system provide pervasive search capabilities to help your company stay ahead.
  • Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system can simplify how people work together by helping teams overcome geographical and organisational boundaries internally and with customers and partners.

When you consider this in depth, for me the brown sauce and peas just lose out in a head to head battle of benefits...shame :(  If you want to read more on Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system take a look at the official sites or why not check out some of the other Microsoft folk on my blogroll, Things that make me go ummm...

Ciao for now :)

P.S. A small amount of credit has to go to James for the inspiration behind the title of this blog.  He'd get a lot more credit if he'd ordered peas, not potatoes!