Find Your Perfect Partner With PinPoint

Microsoft have today launched a new customer facing business website in the UK with a direct link to find a partner on PinPoint.  If you are a Microsoft UK Partner and not yet listed, you need to be.  If you’re already on, now might be a good time to refresh your profile…


There’s also a good piece on working with Microsoft partners, the value of doing so and a link through to the Microsoft Competency Partner Experts page.

From the site:  “With Microsoft you get the best of both worlds. As well as being able to choose the software package that’s right for your business, there are plenty of experts who can explain the best options for your business and then help you select the best one. These Microsoft Partners include small and medium business specialists, who can quickly assess your business goals and identify the package that matches your needs.”

Click the images for direct links through to the page locations…


I like this a lot!!!