The Demo Showcase & Office 2007 Launch (Part 2)

There's another fantastic scenario contained with the Demo Showcase which expertly shows off the amazing conditional formatting and newly designed table capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2007.

Patricia - Sales Manager Chunks

In the scenario, we assume the character of Patricia Doyle, a Sales Manager with Contoso.  Maybe the silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload (but) she don’t like downtime.  So, the race is on with regards to just how fast we can get better results faster!


First of all, we're introduced to the concept of galleries and the use of the new live preview capabilities of Office 2007.  We also get to understand the benefit of contextual menus and the fantastic charting options available.

Gallery Plain Statistics

By using the blandest of spreadsheets, we are quickly shown how to transform it into a professional looking spreadsheet containing automatically created totals, filters and funky new charts!

Excel 2007 Statistics

Finally, the scenario wraps with a spreadsheet containing data bars, business intelligence style icons and more...  All in less than five minutes.  So much for that downtime, shame we can't do anything about Mondays!!!

Ciao for now :)