More on BizTalk Services

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Richard found this new eWeek article discussing BizTalk Services.

Restrepo said the new BizTalk Services tackle complex infrastructure. "Being able to have scalable, secure services you can use, instead of having to build our own, is fantastic and really opens up a number of really interesting scenarios," he said. "A huge plus for the BizTalk Services is how they're being integrated with WCF [Windows Communication Foundation] through WCF extensions, which really lowers the barriers to entry and makes it easy for developers to use them to solve their infrastructure needs and concentrate on solving their business problem instead."

Moreover, the kind of services being built as part of the BizTalk Services initiative cover a broad set of scenarios, both on the consumer and enterprise side of application development, Restrepo said. On the consumer side, it opens up some interesting opportunities for smart clients and peer-to-peer scenarios, he said. On the enterprise side it opens up some possibilities for easily connecting users across organizations taking advantage of the Internet, without having to invest in complex network infrastructure to securely connect the networks, Restrepo said.

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