Some things to check out


Today’s post is merely a link dump, of things I found while digging through my rss archive:

  1. Lync Conversation Translator

    Lync-Guistic, also known as Microsoft Lync 2010 Conversation Translator, allows you to send and receive instant messages with Microsoft Lync using the Microsoft Bing translation service. Bilingual users can provide translation feedback to help improve the service.

  2. Dev Labs: Debugger Canvas:
    Debugger Canvas is a new user experience for the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It pulls together the code you’re exploring onto a single pan-and-zoom display. As you hit breakpoints or step into code, Debugger Canvas shows just the methods that you’re debugging, with call lines and local variables, to help you see the bigger picture.

  3. Multiplayer Gaming for Smartphones:

    Gaming on a smartphone comes with compromises, though. Most smartphone-based games are single-player games—Angry Birds is a perfect example—or turn-based, in which two or more players queue up on a single phone to play games.

    Bahl and a team of Microsoft Research scientists and interns created Switchboard, a cloud service that enables smartphones to link to each other for multiplayer gaming. Joining Bahl on the project were Justin Manweiler, an intern, and Romit Roy Choudhury, a visiting researcher, both from Duke University; and Sharad Agarwal and Ming Zhangfrom Microsoft Research Redmond. Agarwal was the project leader for Switchboard.

Happy reading, lyncing or debugging.