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PowerBI ships out of the box analytics for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Today, we’re very excited to share with you a fantastic new analytic capability that we are...

Author: cabeln Date: 04/23/2015

Using PowerShell to script Dynamics Marketing

Dynamics Marketing is a great tool to capture, score and nurture leads in automated campaigns. You...

Author: cabeln Date: 04/20/2015

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing SDK Library on NuGet

If you are developing solutions with Visual Studio for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing you typically...

Author: cabeln Date: 03/25/2015

Accessing Microsoft Dynamics Marketing OData feeds from .Net code (UPDATED downloads for 17.2 and 18.0)

  The typical usage of the Dynamics Marketing feeds is through Power BI. A user would use Excel...

Author: cabeln Date: 09/02/2014

Dynamics Marketing 2015 (17.2, 18.0) - OData feed documentation (UPDATED)

Dynamics Marketing provides a rich set of OData feeds for he most important data entities in the...

Author: cabeln Date: 08/31/2014

The Start of my Microsoft Dynamics Marketing blog

Hi, It is really overdue time that I start blogging on Microsoft Dynamics Marketing. I am looking...

Author: cabeln Date: 08/31/2014