Microsoft Dynamics Marketing SDK Library on NuGet

If you are developing solutions with Visual Studio for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing you typically will download the SDK from here then take the SDK library, copy it into a library folder and reference it from there. You will check in the library into your source management system and so on.

Instead you can now use a NuGet Package in your Visual Studio solution and configure which projects in the solution shall make use of it. The library will be added as a reference and as soon as you compile the first time it will be downloaded, added to the package cache in the solution and deployed with your project.

Only check the solution with the package definition into your source management system. Any developer who downloads it will get the correct library version automatically deployed.

Find information on how to use the NuGet packages here.

Get the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing SDK NuGet package here.



Christian Abeln
Senior Program Manager
Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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