Building a Windows 8.1 app - Step 1: Pick an idea

Step 1: Pick an idea

                If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily have the creativity where app ideas hit you at every moment or have been dreaming up the perfect app for weeks now. You might be a problem solver though, and you'll approach the need for an app idea with a few strategies.

My strategies –

1. Keep a running log of everything you wish you could do on your computer/phone (gchat for windows 8.1, be able to find a phone contact thru numeric keypad spelling [2abc, 3def, etc])

2. Listen to people around you complain. What do they not have a good system for? (keeping track of what they've done in a year, not knowing where to find an open parking spot)

3. Tell your friends that you’ll share the profits you make if they give you the good idea. I got a good response from this method (though not all were quality ideas).

As my friends will tell you, I am a fan of organizing things. In the past, I have been dubbed the documentation queen. I’m the one who has the schedule, who has the plan, who printed directions and copies of everything. I like logistics. (Though, don’t use the state of my bedroom as a comparison.)   

This and my personal need for a central location of my achievements led me to decide to build an app to keep track of your accomplishments. A job-seeker might could to use this app on their win8 tablet or surface and take it with them into an interview or to a job fair to show off their portfolio. Someone currently employed would use the app to maintain a record of everything they've done (because we all tend to forget the things we did months ago) and be able to use it for performance reviews.


Stay tuned as I turn this app into a reality. 


P.S. Have a video:

This is one of the projects I was a documentation queen for. Marquette University students are putting a satellite into space, it's a really cool project. You can follow them on Facebook.