O365 Tidbit - Reporting on O365....that was easy

Hello All,

We all know how important it is to report on our Tenants and the resources within those tenants, there are now several different ways to report all are based around the O365 Reporting service.  My suggestion is to give them a try

Built into O365 we have various reports like the Usage Reports, Security Reports, and Compliance Center reports

As well we now have a tool (Find it here) that creates over 500 reports with Dashboards broken down like this:

Supported Services:

  • Azure Active Directory (30 reports)
  • Exchange Online (81 reports)
  • SharePoint Online (35 reports)
  • OneDrive for Business¬† (11 reports)
  • Skype for Business (22 reports)
  • Yammer (20 reports)
  • Microsoft Teams (16 reports)
  • General Office 365 Reports (9 reports)

This tool also provides 200+ Auditing reports on Office 365.

For SharePoint some of the reports look like this:

Site Collection Reports

  • All Site Collections
  • SharePoint Audit Configurations
  • Site Collection Sharing Configurations
  • Site Collection Upgrade Information

SharePoint Site Reports

  • All Sites Report
  • Sites without Recycle Bin
  • Site Sharing configurations
  • Sites with Custom Permissions

I highly encourage you to check out all of these resources.