SharePoint Tidbit - Enabling license enforcement

Hello All,

I have a customer who recently wanted to create a mixed license farm, and here are the steps I sent him.  In this scenario they had an enterprise licensed farm and wanted to enforce Standard licensing on a specific group of users.

Since they had multiple domains they are going to need to take the following steps to be able to enforce licensing across all domain users.

  1. Create in the CORP\ domain a group called ‘Farm SharePoint Standard Cal’ and this needs to be a domain local group,
  2. In each of the other domains you will create a group called ‘Domain SharePoint Standard Cal’ and this needs to be a global group,
  3. Add each of the ‘Domain SharePoint Standard Cal’ groups to the ‘Farm SharePoint Standard Cal’ group
  4. You can then add users to the ‘Domain SharePoint Standard Cal’

For more information about groups in Active Directory and how you can use them, please read this

Next we need to enforce User licensing by running the following command on any SharePoint server and from the SharePoint Management Shell


Then you need to create an  SPUserLicenseMapping object and add it to the enforcemen

 $LicenseMapping = New-SPUserLicenseMapping -SecurityGroup “Farm SharePoint Standard Cal” -License Standard
Add-SPUserLicenseMapping -Mapping $LicenseMapping

NOTE: To find license types that you can enforce run the command Get-SPUserLicense

You can manage the License enforcement and Mappings via these commands Add-SPUserLicenseMapping Disable-SPUserLicensing Enable-SPUserLicensing Get-SPUserLicense Get-SPUserLicenseMapping Get-SPUserLicensing New-SPUserLicenseMapping Remove-SPUserLicenseMapping

Hope this helps you