SPO Tidbit - OneDrive for business Shared by Me feature

Hello All,

Thought I would bring your attention to this feature in the OD4B service, the Shared by Me feature is a view in OneDrive for Business (ODB) that only shows your files within your OneDrive that are uniquely permissioned to other users, has had a sharing link generated for it, or has a pending external invitation.

To use the feature click on ‘Shared’ in the navigation bar then go to the ‘Share by Me’ tab.

The feature provide three columns Name, Location, and Activity.  The activity column provides the user that last modified the file.  The last thing you should realize is that legacy sharing links unless they have been permissioned on the file it won’t show up in the Shared by Me view.

Known Limitations

•            No sorting/filtering controls

•            Will not be in OneDrive mobile app

•            Thumbnails are missing in grid view

You can read this article for info or to send to your users.