Stream Tidbit - Self-service Office 365 Video migration to Microsoft Stream

Hello All,

I’m very excited to let you know that starting Q1 2019 we will be rolling out the upgrade to Microsoft Stream.  The upgrade at this point is an Opt-in so if you do nothing you will remain in Office 365 Video till it becomes a forced upgrade.

What to expect?

  1. Office 365 Video admins will see a banner in the Office 365 Video homepage prompting initiation of the migration wizard.
  2. Self-service wizard will guide admins through the migration process when they opt in. During this process, we will migrate all the videos, channels and permissions to Microsoft Stream.

Note: Please note that once started, the migration wizard process cannot be paused and restarted later.

What gets migrated to Stream:

Entity Migrated Not Migrated
  • All videos that are playable in O365 Video
  • Uploader of the original video in Office 365 Video
  • Upload date when the original video was uploaded in Office Video
  • Title/description
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Subtitles
  • Statistics charts
Channels Owner, editor, and viewer permissions set on the channel (users, security groups, and “everyone in company except external users”)
  • Spotlight videos
  • Setting determining who can download the original video file from the channel
  • Any guest access that was granted at the channel
Admin Settings
  • O365 Video admin users
  • O365 Video channel creator users
  • Spotlight channels
  • Spotlight videos
Links and embed codes
  • Links to O365 Video will automatically redirect to the migrated content in Stream
  • Embed codes will automatically redirect as well post going live


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – What is Microsoft Stream?
A – is a new video service that uses the power of intelligent enterprise video to enable knowledge sharing, easier communication, and connectivity in a secure enterprise environment. Microsoft Stream is the successor to Office 365 Video; however, the two services will co-exist during the transition period. Both are built on Azure Media Services and use the same streaming video technology, allowing playback at scale across any device.

Q – What’s the difference between Stream and O365?
A – Review the feature breakdown comparing Microsoft Stream and O365 Video here.

Q – How long takes the migration?
A – The migration shouldn’t take too long but depending on how many videos and channels you have it could take few days to finish the copy.

Q – How can I initiate the migration and what’s the experience?
A – Once your tenant is eligible for migration, tenant admins will see the banner on the Office Video homepage to initiate migration. Users will land in the migration experience and they will get information about what to expect during the migration

Q – How do you verify the migration before it’s finalized?
A – Only the Stream admins and users on the migration reviewer list will see the migrated content in its read-only state in Stream before the migration is finalized. This will give that set of user’s time to verify everything looked good and moved over correctly.

Q – What are "Stream only" groups?
A – ''Stream only'' groups are a new concept which we introduced with the migration from Office 365 Video to Stream. These groups live within Stream only and are not tied to Office 365 groups, thus they do not create other resources in the rest of O365.

More Information:

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