Speech Content in the Windows SDK

I'm happy to announce the availability of the RTM release of the Windows SDK.  This release - the first RTM one since Vista - contains the following speech-related items:

  • Updated: SAPI 5.3 documentation
  • Updated: System.Speech documentation
  • Updated: Sample source code
    • 8 C++ projects
    • 3 C# projects
    • 2 sample engines - TTS and SR
  • New: Grammar Compiler (GC.EXE) tool now part of the tool binaries included in the SDK

The Windows SDK completely replaces the older SAPI 5.1 SDK and supports development on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

Customers can download this SDK as a DVD image (1,330MB ISO file) from this location:

Or go through a guided setup process where only the components they need are downloaded.  Speech is part of the base install.

 I'm particularly interested in your feedback regarding the Windows SDK as a whole and in particular getting speech information.