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BizTalk vs. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

I have seen the questions about the differences between BizTalk and WF and "when to use what" have...

Author: chunyu Date: 12/13/2005

Scope expansion of my blog

In the past four years, together with other fellows at BAM team, we helped build the BAM feature...

Author: chunyu Date: 12/13/2005

Get Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Beta1 today!

BizTalk Server 2006 Beta was just released a few days ago. Click here to learn about the...

Author: chunyu Date: 07/27/2005

Indexes in the BAM star-schema database

Some customers have asked why some tables in the star-schema database have indexes and others don't....

Author: chunyu Date: 07/19/2005

BAM real-time aggregation vs. scheduled aggregation

BAM supports two types of aggregations: real-time aggregation (RTA) and scheduled aggregation. Some...

Author: chunyu Date: 05/26/2005

Welcome to the BAM Online Lounge!

2004 is the first year BAM, a powerful business user-oriented feature of BizTalk Server, was...

Author: chunyu Date: 12/31/2004