An Update on Some Upcoming Free Tools

Mark Curphey here.....

If the economy is getting you down here is some good news. We may have been quiet for the last few weeks but that's because we've been busy!

Anti-XSS 3.0 is being released as an internal beta today. We are aiming for a public beta on codeplex within a few weeks. That's right, Anti-XSS 3.0 will be coming out as an open source project under the MS-PL license on codeplex. The project includes a completely re-written library with increased functionality and now running and near native speed and the new Security Runtime Engine (hooks the CLR and protects apps with no code changes). It includes a test harness, performance reports and all sorts of goodness. Watch this blog for the announcement.

And now for the double whammy of good news. There will be a free public release of CAT.NET within the next few weeks. CAT.NET is our managed code review tool that plugs into Visual Studio. The initial release will be an alpha but we are working on significant updates to it over the next few months and plan to release several incremental updates. This tool contains DNA from Microsoft Research, the ACE Team and a host of great brain cells. It's very cool and the changes we are currently working on (well blogs about them in due course) just rock!

Well publish release announcement and download URL's when they are ready.

OK, back to changing diapers for me ;-)