All Zune'd up...

For those who have not heard about what a Zune is ... it is a portable music/video/picture player from Microsoft...  and it rules.

I have owned in the past a 2nd gen iPod (yes my battery died within a year ... grrrrr) & a Creative Zen Micro (6Gb)...  not a whole lot ... but both were dissapointing in some way or another.

Killer features:

- Massive screen is just awesome to watch video or pictures on (3 inches!)
- Wireless sharing of music and photos with other Zunes (DRM applies to music ... recipient gets 3 plays or 3 days ... pretty cool really)
- Plays MP3, WMA & AAC files.
- did i mention amazing video!

I skydive and this is the killer device for showing your mates videos of jumps or photos from holidays.  + you can send them photos wirelessly if you like :)

Other stuff i like ... a really easy to use interface ... pick your background pic for the device ... scratch resistant outer shell ... built in FM tuner.

I just cant believe how nice watching video is on a screen that size.  The device is only slightly larger than the Creative Vision M and Video iPod, but has a much better/bigger screen ... so i think it is worth it.

They are out in the USA now ...