Halo 2 Game Viewer

Most people don't know about the awesome Halo 2 online stats you can get on www.bungie.net.

You can get all your game stats/scores etc...  This is really cool information!  Must be a MASSIVE sql db somewhere :)

Anyway ... the COOLEST feature on the planet is quite hidden.  It is called the "Game Viewer".  For any game you can go and look at the game visually ... and see the kills on a picute of the level.  There are a set number of views for each level ... but you can see the game from a number of different angles!!!

This is great if you want to see where people are killing from .... especially those cheeky snipers!

To use the stats you have to have a passport ... go to www.bungie.net and sign in ... and add your gamer tag.

Then go to the Games tab ... and choose a game.  Then up near the title of the page you will see a Game Viewer link ... click that to see the game visually.  It also provides a link you can email to people ...

Check out one of my games ... (I am LoungeFlyX):