I wanted to get a couple of things out:


I am off for a couple of weeks around our Asia Pacific region to deliver some "Office 12" servers training to some customers and partners.  This is pretty high level overview of what we are doing with the server offerings for "Office 12".  For the most part this is SharePoint technologies.

We will be walking through Windows SharePoint Services, Office SharePoint Server, Forms Server, Excel Server.  It should be pretty good as I am expecting that for many of the people in attendance it will be their first glimpse of the server products.  Many people will have seen the "Office 12" client products … but the server products have been a little more hidden away.

The training is 2 days in total … one day on the O12 Clients and the other on the servers (my bit).

Sessions are Bangalore, Delhi, Seoul & Singapore.  Then in Australia in March.



In New Zealand we banned smokers from smoking in places like Restaurants, Bars etc… It was a great move that I totally supported.  However … I still have one more gripe about something that most smokers seem to participate in doing. 

Throwing their butts on the street, under foot or out a car window!  In most places around the globe you see cigarette butts littering the pavements and gutters.   What I don’t get in how they think they can just throw their rubbish out the window and get away with it.  STICK IT IN YOUR ASHTRAY!!!  I would assume that most people would object if I threw other types of rubbish out my car windows.

Another disgusting habit that goes along with the addiction :)