King Kong

I really have no idea how to put my feelings down in writing about this movie...

It is the most stunning peice of movie making i have seen for some time. There was a time, probably about 5-7 years ago, when there was a flurry of movies that made leaps and bounds ... and then the movie world went dead for me. Sure i saw lots of movies ... but none that really moved me.

For the first time in years .... i was blown away.

And it wasnt just the CG effects. Dont get me wrong ... Kong is the most amazing CG i have EVER seen. Mind blowing detail ... and expressions that change the CG game.

What really blew my mind in this movie was the emotional buy in to the character of Kong that the movie achieved. Staggering. Most human actors would aspire to achieve the level Kong achieved. Some would say Oscar winning. And all without speaking a single word. All via expression, movement and lots of noise :) Amazing.

I dont know how others feel about what i am about to say ... but as a man I felt an incredible sense of connection with what Kong was going through. I can only put it down to some primate level instinct to protect your female. Here we have a massive beast who rules his kingdom fighting for the one thing he loves.

Anyway ... I was blown away by this movie ... something that has not happened in a long long time.  Of course many Wellingtonians and New Zealanders feel like they have a closer connection to Kong since it was made in our back yard.

I thought the movie could have been 15-20 mins shorter ... cut out some of the action on the island etc... but overall an awesome movie the kept me watching the entire 180 mins.