Long time no blog...

I tend to go through fits of posting ... then no posting for a while ... so i thought i would post on what i have been up to.

USA: Went off to the USA for an internal Microsoft conference called TechReady (Seattle,WA). Presented at that on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 & Windows Workflow integration. Great conference all round ... excellent opportunity to catch up with your peers from other Subs etc...

While over there a mate of mine from our Finland office (Jezz) and I went skydiving. We went to SkyDive Kapowsin near Seattle and SkyDive Vancouver. Here are a couple of photos:



Work: I am working with a customer in New Zealand on their Office 2007 TAP project. They are one of the customers we are working with worldwide (in fact they are the only one on the TAP program in NZ) on early adoption of Office 2007. When I say Office 2007 i don't just mean the client bits like Word, Excel etc... I am also talking about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. They are doing a really neat project that leverages many of the new capabilities we have in SharePoint etc... I am sure you will hear more from me on this in time.

Tech-Ed: This year I am doing 2 sessions at TechEd New Zealand and 3 at TechEd Australia. All on SharePoint technologies. In particular lots on CMS 2002 migration, WSS v2 & SPS migration & a talk on MOSS 2007 farm administration. TechEd NZ is already sold out! We also have Mike Fitz and Arpan coming down to deliver sessions. The MOSS session line-up is looking good.