NZ Music Stores...

For a while now i have been wanting to buy a couple of tracks that i have heard ... and decided it was high time i tried out a couple of the online NZ music stores.

I only wanted legal and legit music downloads ... paid for ... DRM etc...

I looked at a couple:

- -- $1.69 NZD per track (good price) ... and very fast service.

- -- $1.75 NZD per track

I ended up buying it from digirama due to their great service and price ... but will also try cokefridge in time also.

One of the things i have been a little afraid of for a while is DRM'ed music.  That is why i have liked CDs in the past.  However, digirama makes the process seemless!  Simply buy and download (in the background if you like) and all the licencing is taken care of.  Really the only thing you need to worry about from that point on is backing up your licences every once in a while (media center will prompt you when you close).

It is a biggest non-issue ... simple and easy to manage.  Of course ... this means you can just send your mates the music ... THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT!

I have to say ... it is a great experience.  Now all I need is a nice wee portable media player (players and stuff).  I used to own an iPod ... but its battery lasted less than a year (it was one of the duds), and i want a device that plays WMA ... so that my Media Center TV, Windows Mobile SmartPhone etc... can all play it also.