After a while of not getting around to it i invested in a Shuttle SB61G2 SFF (Small Form Factor) PC. Have to say that unless i wanted super flexibility then this is all i would ever need.

Everything is onboard. Firewire, USB 2.0, SATA, 6 Channel sound, NIC, 800MHz FSB etc...

One PCI slot (still empty) and an AGP slot (with Radeon 9600). The onboard graphics were not up to scratch for full on 3D game play.

So now i have this little PC sitting on my desk at home and not some loud, noisey, huge, borning, beige, the off bone, the white ... normal PC.

I have always wondered when someone would start to make affordable, easy on the eye, pleasing cases and hardware. Apple have always put a lot of effort into this area ... something that PCs have lacked since the begining.

Check it out here: