I was tagged a long time back from Jezz, and again by Chan.

So ... 5 things you say .... here goes...

1.  From the ages of 5-9 i lived in Papua New Guinea and lived in the capital Port Moresby.  My Dad was working there for the government as captian on a ship that serviced navigational aids (lighthouses etc...).  I learnt to speak the local lingo ... but cant speak it anymore.  We spent a lot of time on Dads ship cruising amazing tropical islands, playing cricket with the locals, living in a house on stilts & keeping myself busy without TV (there was no TV there at the time).

2.  I Skydive.  Jezz conviced me it was a great idea to jump out of planes.... and he was right!  It is concidered a dangerous sport by most, but i would more confortably jump out of a plane than drive somewhere with nutters doing 100 in the opposite direction with only a white paint line beween you.  People dont think about that.... they just are not affraid about things they are used to and understand.  Everyone should try it ... you will wonder what all the fuss was about afterwards.

3.  I travelled the Trans Siberian railway. I could not face another long haul flight from London back to New Zealand ... so i decided i would do most of it by land.  I flew to Moscow and took the train from there all the way to Hongkong.  I guess it is over 13,000 kms.  I took a month to do it .. stopped in lots of places.  Amazing trip and i highly recommend it.

4.  I was the appletise kid back in the 80's.  It is a fizzy drink.  I did some TV ads.

5.  I won some prizes by automating submissions via the web on competitions that didnt say 1 entry only.  In one case they rang me and asked me to stop because the submissions were going to an email address and they had recieved over 100,000 entries from me.  They just gave me the prize.