What do Mix 08, Silverlight, the Beatles & New Zealand all have in common?...

At Mix08 today Hard Rock demo'ed their new web based Silverlight 2.0 application that allows a user to browse (in amazing detail) their catalogue of rock history.  (http://memorabilia.hardrock.com/)

If you zoom into the middle left of the bigger image you will find a note from the Beatles to their security manager for one of their tours.


It is written on a piece of paper from the hotel (Hotel St George) they stayed at when they played Wellington in New Zealand during their 1964 tour.  Anyone from Wellington will know of the Hotel St George ... its an iconic old building in the center of Wellington ... and now a university hostel.

Here is a clipping of a bit of the note.



This bit cracked me up:


The note is hilarious and refers to the Vietnam war amongst other things.

According to my mother she was also one of the females screaming outside the hotel during their stay :)

Very cool use of technology & cross platform too!  With Silverlight coming to mobile phones shortly (Noika are on board) I cant stop thinking about the all the amazing possibilities for mobile apps.